Mussar Muse Practice

Mussar is an age-old Jewish practice of self-transformation combining Jewish ethics, text study, and neurobiology with tikkun olam (healing our world). Gift yourself with thoughtful community while exploring specific character traits.

Increased kindness, compassion, and acts of loving kindness are a likely outcome. The first session of each module may include a brief “what is Mussar” introduction.

Join our “room” on zoom. See individual offerings for meetings days, dates, and times.


“Mussar class is magically nurturing,
like yoga for the soul!” – Deena S.


“Nina – you are so balanced, centered and calm. Your Mussar leadership enables us to trust the process, clearing a path for participants to find their way forward.” K.S.

“For me, Mussar provides a powerful, yet soft lens to ponder humanity, myself, and personal intentions in the quiet depths of my soul and how that expands out into the world.”
– Christina Hammond

“Mussar is so positive. Nina is an amazing teacher and does a beautiful job presenting materials.”

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