Mussar Muse Practice

Oh the uncertainties of daily life!
Mussar is a practice that brings our best self forward.

Imagine tuning into yourself, so that you respond rather than react in your day-to-day tasks, experiences, thoughts, and interactions.

  • Imagine an internal knowing and peace that lets you pause, breathe deeply, and affirm the goodness that surrounds you.
  • Visualize each day that celebrates inherent beauty, even in the midst of challenge.
  • Envision making that small but significant gesture that shifts another person into a radiant smile and feeling of being seen.
  • Believe, your words or action encourage another person to extend kindness and dignity to another.
  • Witness the ripple effect of radical listening and radical healing.
  • Practice tikkun olam / healing the world, living your life as a catalyst for internal and external healing.

Tap into an 1100-year-old Jewish spiritual process that lays baby steps towards rewiring the brain and micro-tuning your best self according to your inner soul traits.

The practice of Mussar is a guide towards transformational thought and action. Each facilitated session is carefully crafted to challenge perspectives and gain insight. The beauty of Mussar practice is that you’ll know, according to what resonates, what personal practice is next, designed by you, for you. Suggestions are provided.

  • Join us monthly for Yallah Mussar! ¬†exploring a theme relevant to our here and now.


  • Ready to dive deeper? Stay tuned for the next Mussar Muse module. Nourish yourself by layering understandings in the comfort of a non-judgmental intentional practice community. Suggested practice opportunities will enhance your growth and learning.

Bring your intellect, your curious heart, and your inquiring mind for a journey of opening. 

See individual offerings for meetings days, dates, and times.


“Mussar class is magically nurturing,
like yoga for the soul!” – Deena S.


I’ve come through this pandemic an all-around better person as one of Nina’s Mussar Muses. She guides us to look and listen for the Mussar message in everything we do, in all that we are, and it’s always good.” -Barbara Birenbaum


Nina, you did it again. Your Mussar sessions are pure enlightenment, with new learning and awakening every time. -Venus Nasri, Interfaith participant


“For me, Mussar provides a powerful, yet soft lens to ponder humanity, myself, and personal intentions in the quiet depths of my soul and how that expands out into the world.” – Christina Hammond


“Mussar is so positive. Nina is an amazing teacher and does a beautiful job presenting materials.” K.S., interfaith participant

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