Yallah Elul! Rebuke and Forgivness


Yallah יאללה is an Arabic phrase that is widely used in Israel, meaning, “let’s go!” My translation is… “let’s make it happen!” (Imagine it being said with enthusiasm and an ear-to-ear smile.)
Given the timing of sliding into the season of forgiveness, our topic will be asking for forgiveness and giving rebuke. I’ll review some basic Torah guidelines, we’ll explore the similarities and differences, and then apply it to relevant situations in our lives. There will hopefully be a Mussar layer, TBD.
As always, what happens in Yallah Mussar stays in Yallah Mussar. You have the option to share your insights with the group, or keep them private. Either way, we will lift each other and benefit from supporting each other in our special community. No matter how and where we take our prayers, this will be a well-seeded garden bed allowing seeds of the season to grow and flourish.

No preparation is needed and all faith traditions are welcome. There will be opportunity to share, but this is up to you. Consider this a gift of calisthenics / stretch warm-up to hone your intentional heart for the days of awe.


This session will meet in person. No preparation is required. The secret private location will be sent with your registration.


Let’s connect and reconnect:
Thursday, September 14 —  5-5:30 p.m. schmooze time. Learning, community and insights from 5:30 – 6:45 p.m.


Hurrah for tiered pricing. Please evaluate with honor and integrity, your ability to support this learning community. All are welcome. 

Supporter =  $25 per session
All-in = $18 per session,
Affirmative Equity = $12 per session,
Count my shekel = Everyone counts – what’s your nickel in the game? No questions aske. Let’s chat by e-mail: nina – at – pitome – dot – com.
Philanthropist = $100 per session, includes attendance and a new guest – keep the mojo going with local, creative and innovative Jewish offerings. Not a 501c3, but help with business bills is greatly appreciated!

Bring your curiosity. All are welcome. Registration on the web site, or via Venmo.
New participants encouraged. 

We’ll deepen our growing mini-community. Feel free to invite a friend!

For those that celebrate other faith traditions, please come!  The learning will apply to stepping forward with our best self and inevitably, you will have insights to enrich the learning.




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