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Welcome to my home.

I love having visitors and I’m excited to share:

  • Mussar Muse nourish your soul for personal introspection
  • Kitchen Whimsy nourish yourself and your people with kitchen inspirations
  • Pitome time-saving Jewish Living tools for the educator on-the-go

Oy vey! The contact email below is out-of-date, and hidden in the web matrix. Feel free to contact us here.

Intentional Living

Mussar is a path of spiritual self-introspection that builds core soul traits so you can show up with kindness and positive intention in your your day-to-day life.


“Well my Dear Nina, it is so easy to love you, bright spirit, lion’s heart. Your kindness, honesty, generosity flows.
I learned from each of us and emerged inspired to reach deeply into understanding and compassion.” ~ Alison Zuber 

“You facilitated/coached beautifully Nina. As a non-Jewish learner I felt welcomed and respected.” ~ Christina Hammond

Your Mussar guidance helps me show up to my life in a gentler, more generous way. ~ Sarah W.  

“I admire you for your leadership and holding us all together”.
with love, ~ Shireen Q 

“Pitome Publishing has been my go-to for excellent family education programs for years.  Pitome has well-curated materials designed to help busy families (and educators!) find ways to deepen and enrich their families’ Jewish lives.  If Pitome offered nothing but their Shema Pillowcases and Jewish Bedtime Program, that would be a winner, but there’s so much more!  I have found the publisher to be very responsive and have always received excellent customer service.”
~ Janis Knight

“Our Kindergarten families learn about the bedtime Sh’ma, add their Hebrew names and illustrate their unique pillowcase. This is a perfect way for families to bring home their learning and incorporate the Sh’ma into their bedtime rituals.”  ~ Rabbi Sandi Intraub

Kitchen Whimsy Blog

Grilled Zuke

I love a well-cooked zucchini. It’s delicious with a little olive oil and spices. If you have a mandolin, you can make a pile of thin slices. I love-hate our talented mandolin slicer because I’m always wary of slicing my fingers along with the veggies. Yet, she...

Dilly Pickle

Have you entered the world of fermented vegetables yet? Do it once, conquer the learning curve, and then it will be easy. Dilly carrots are an appealing condiment that goes with just about any lunch or dinner. Aiming for one serving per day can improve digestion and...

Basic Windfall Marmalade

Talk about a windfall, this winter provided my family with an overflowing abundance of citrus. I juiced, I made ice cubes, and there was still plenty of supply. My friends, Kelsey and Deb, eager to make marmalade gifts for their clients, offered to teach me - how . to...

Tools for the Busy Faith-Based Educator

Welcome to Pitome Publishing, LLC – Utilize our high quality products to help you DO JEWISH at home, out in the community, and/or in coordinations with school. It’s time to anticipate an abundance of positive Jewish moments for you and your families.

Innovative Tools for Creating Jewish Memories

We strive to enhance living a Jewishly informed life, at home, and in the community. See below for our high quality, innvoative, interactive offerings.

View Hebrew tracing stencils for time-limited specials!

About Nina

Nina Gelman-Gans is a multi-tasking momma. She loves being creative, showing up with enthusiasm,  supporting thoughtful engagement, and building meaningful thoughtful community. All roads can lead to kindness, generosity, and improving our human condition.

  • As a life-longer learner, Nina is excited about teaching and sharing Mussar, an age-old process of noticing one’s own character traits in order refine “intentions of the heart” and to show up with increased insight and inner fortitude in daily living. We study Jewish texts and take a meta-view of personal life stories to bring understanding and self-compassion to  current life challenges. You set mini-stretch goals to slowly transform into your best self. Check out our Mussar offerings
  • The kitchen is usually the heart of the home. Nina loves being creative with garden offerings, thinking up food combinations, sharing fermentation techniques, and inspiring gut-healthy eating.
  • As a Jewish Family Educator, Nina sees the family as a key mentoring force for living Jewishly. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, she noticed a need for hands-on, accessible, engaging tools for Jewish families. If you’re looking for arts and crafts to do while harboring at home, we have pre-printed Hebrew tracing stencils and more.

Nina has attended over 16 CAJE conferences, served as educator-in-residence at CO mini-CAJE, Aleph Kallah, Limmud LA, and Limmud UK’s CAJE representative. Locally, she  is active in interfaith learning, support for the homeless, gardening, whole foods cooking, and joining efforts behind the scenes to bring joy and healing to families and individuals. Nina holds dual Masters from the Hornstein and Heller programs at Brandeis University. She is a certified Mussar facilitator and Jewish storyteller. She learns from her husband, two teens, exuberant dog, mischievous bunny rabbit, Mussar Muses, and everyday life happenings.

Oy vey! The contact email below is out-of-date, and hidden in the web matrix.
Feel free to contact us at nina – at – pitome – .com .