WORKSHOP – I Spy a Kosher Kitchen


by Rabbi Julie Wolkoff

I Spy: A Kosher Kitchen teaches the basics of kashrut.  It encourages participants to address their objections and concerns, look at the variety of kosher products available in any supermarket and look at the possibility of taking small steps towards observing kashrut.

Materials are delivered electronically. Print the lesson plans for yourself or your staff. Use our publicity flyer to e-mail to families. Printable worksheets ease your preparations for the day of the program. Use the family stories guide as a send-home to reinforce program concepts.

This is the perfect storytelling workshop at any time, and especially approaching Purim. You don’t have to figure out the steps for family story sharing – we’ve done the work for you! This workshop flows so easily. Everyone goes home with new insights and appreciations of their own family.

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Topic:  kashrut

Target Audience: second, third or fourth grade

Time frame: two hours

Staff: three people

Overview: Participants are encouraged to broaden their views about kashrut through activities and discussion.

Purpose: Introduce families to the basics of kashrut, including principles of eco-kashrut.

A-to-Z directions include timing, station set-up, discussion questions, program variations, multiple worksheets, interactive quests, and an evaluation form.

Creative ways to fund this program: These materials are completely reusable, so ask your educator or rabbi to pay for the workshop. The entire program is personalized with your site’s name, making you guys look grrrreat! Do you have an enthusiastic family or willing grandparents? Ask them to be an “angel” donor and we’ll personalize the program with their name too.