Mussar Muse: Lead with Love


This series is available by commision to individual congregations. Contact for group pricing.

At times it seems like we’re in narrow straits, but with an open heart, compassion, curiosity and LOVE, we can alter and lighten our own hearts and uplift the world around us. Open your heart to imagination, play, and creativity. With shorter days and less light, we’ll bring our best self to infuse light into the world.

Each of these four monthly sessions will play in creativity through the arts. If you’re comfortable with art, great! If you’re not certain about an arts track, we encourage you to suspend judgement and release your tight boundaries to a process of creativity. The end product is NOT the focus. Our first session is just around the corner. We’ll open with text wisdom from the masters.

You can reserve your spot now, or sign up for updates at and click on “Mussar Muse – Lifelong Learner”.
We’re lining up co-collaborators so stay tuned!

You can anticipate:

  • Juicy text study
  • Eye-pleasing slides
  • Fantastic follow-up
  • Heart community
  • Chevruta-connection (optional)
  • And … titillation for our imaginations.

As always…

  • Facilitated confidential discussions encourage everyone to share their wisdom while learning from the group.
  • The deep-dive module provides the benefit of building layered understandings in the comfort of a consistent community. We’ll nurture our personal insights as we open to thoughtful connected conversation. Puzzlements and diverse opinions are welcome.
  • Your enrollment includes communications prior to each gathering plus a follow-up email that highlights our discussions.

Our group is open to varied faith backgrounds. Hebrew texts are supplemented with transliteration and English translations. 

Hurrah for 4-tiered pricing. Please evaluate with honor and integrity, your ability to support this learning community. All are welcome. 

Supporter =  $25 per zoom session, $100
All-in = $18 per zoom session, $72
Affirmative Equity = $12 per zoom session, $48
Count my shekel = Everyone counts – what’s your nickel in the game? Scholarships are available. Let’s chat by e-mail: nina – at – pitome – dot – com.

Four first-Friday sessions:
January 7, February 4, March 11, April 8
8:30-9:45 PST – Zoom Room opens 15 minutes early for tech-check and schmoozing.


New participants are welcome. Previous experience with Mussar is recommended. If you have attended several Mussar Splash sessions, or have experienced other Mussar studies and feel ready to delve into deeper ongoing conversation, please join us!

Bring your curiosity. All are welcome.

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You’re invited to join us in conversation, text study, and open-ended exploration. We’ll incorporate text study, neurobiology, ethics, and intricacies of the human heart. Over the weeks, we’ll build new self-awareness and self-expression while tapping into the Mussar treasure trove of Jewish wisdom practice.

Our team is working on a stellar line-up of co-artist collaborators. Lean into bitachon / trust and look forward to a monthly treat! Mussar Muse conversations stand out with intellectual, compassionate, and creative community.

Sign-up now to guarantee your spot, or sign-up for the mailiing list (no spam!) and click on “Mussar Muse – Lifelong Learner” to get alerts.


  • Session times TBD with sponsoring organization.
  • As always, we’ll dive into learning from the Mussar masters and reflecting on showing up for ourselves.
  • Participants may choose to be paired with a “chevruta” / study buddy, opt for a “check-in” call, or “chill” between sessions.
  • Many chevruta partners have formed deep friendships and shared important quandaries, joys, and mutual encouragement during this optional self-guided opportunity.

We meet by zoom onthe first Friday of the month from 8:30-9:45 a.m. PST (11:30 a.m. EST). If you need to leave at 9:30, that’s OK. Checking in 10-15 minutes early is encouraged. Registered participants will receive the private zoom log-in.

Four sessions / 75 minute session plus 15 minute schmooze time prior to learning together.
The zoom room opens 15 minutes prior to class.


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