WORKSHOP – Explore the Feeling: The Spirituality of Shabbat


By Pat Lukens and Marthajoy Aft

Explore the Feeling begins with family exploration of Shabbat music and stories. Families then rotate through seven stations learning and exploring Friday night Shabbat rituals and blessings. Along the “journey”, they will create their own blessing resource cheat sheet to take home. In the second half of the program, children learn Havdallah blessings and decorate their own Shabbat crafts while adults engage in meaningful text study about Shabbat angels and Shabbat spirituality. Everyone joins back together for a cozy havdallah celebration.

As teacher or family educator, this is exactly what you need to convey Shabbat spirit to families and send them home with skills, tools and enthusiasm to Make Shabbat Happen!

Creative ways to fund this program: These materials are completely reusable, so ask your educator or rabbi to pay for the workshop. The entire program is personalized with your site’s name, making you guys look grrrreat! Do you have an enthusiastic family or willing grandparents? Ask them to be an “angel” donor and we’ll personalize the program with their name too.

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Topic: Shabbat practices and feelings evoked by Shabbat experiences.

Target Audience: K – grade 2

Time frame: 2 hour program includes 50 minute parent study piece.

Staff: family educator, adult presenter (optional) and two teachers.

Overview: The program begins with families selecting a Shabbat book to read and discuss together. They then visit 7 stations that explore various aspects of Shabbat. Parents and children separate for 50 minutes of adult study and child-centered learning and crafts. Everyone returns to celebrate Havdallah together.

Goals: Families will think about the elements of Shabbat in a spiritual way. Participants will explore feelings evoked by Shabbat.

A-to-Z directions start with publicity hints and staff preparation three weeks prior to the actual program.