Mussar Muse: Highlighting Core Values


Dedicated to the legacy of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. May his memory be a blessing.
This 3-session series is available by commision to individual congregations. Contact for group pricing.
Mussar is a path of spiritual self-introspection that builds core soul traits so you can show up with kindness and positive intention in your your day-to-day life. Jump into this  exploration of kindness, kavod/honor, enthusiasm and more. In supportive community, we’ll listen, explore life stories,  reflect, and rejoice.
We recently lost another great force in the world. Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks left us with his writings, his ethics, and his strong encouragements to find solutions for healing in a fractured world. His daughter, Gila Sacks, spoke eloquently of some of his core values as her father and a world-renowned scholar. We’ll take this module to dive into Mussar through three of his core values.
In these dark days, it is important to give pause for rest and reflection. On top of that, many of us are struggling with the balance of our real-world commitments and self-care, along with a deep need for inspiration amidst so many uncertainties. Coming together once per month feels like a realistic commitment for this Mussar Muse module.
Each session will start with a concept overview and contain a mix of small group study, writing reflection and open discussion. This mix allows plenty of air time to discuss, share stories and create meaning in small group breakout rooms.

We meet in zoom community for three sessions, with optional independent study opportunities in the between weeks.  Keep in mind, the more you put in, the more you get out. Having a study buddy keeps you accountable, provides an opening for sharing thoughts and questions, and expands your heart-practice. It’s up to you.

Hurrah for 4-tiered pricing. Please evaluate with honor and integrity, your ability to support this learning community. All are welcome. 

Supporter =  $25 per zoom session, $75 for the 3-session module.
All-in = $18 per zoom session, $54 for the 3-session module.
Affirmative Equity = $12 per zoom session, $36 for the 3-session module.
Count my shekel = Everyone counts – what’s your nickel in the game? Scholarships are available. Let’s chat by e-mail: nina – at – pitome – dot – com.

75 minute session + zoom room opens 15 minutes early for tech-check and schmoozing.


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The practice of Mussar brings transformational learning. Treat yourself and tap into a thousand-year-old Jewish spiritual process that lays baby steps towards rewiring the brain and micro-tuning your best self according to your inner soul traits.  Facilitated discussions encourage everyone to share their wisdom while learning from the group. Joining for a full module provides the benefit of deepening understandings, comfort among community, and communications prior to each gathering as well as a follow-up email that highlights our discussions.

As we contemplate uncertainties in our current day-to-day lives, you can ground yourself in this age-old Jewish practice of self-transformation. Touching on Jewish ethics, text study, and neurobiology, Mussar brings our best self forward as we lean into tikkun olam, healing ourselves and our world. Our gatherings are now dancing around secular holidays, so this 3-session module will meet on the third Friday of the month. Alliteration unintended.

Come ready for attentive listening and open-hearted learning in community. You will have the option to touch base with another Mussar Muse during the month.You will receive study prompts to use with your matched chevruta partner on the between weeks. All answers are right – this is an opportunity to deepen learning and meet another community member.  

  • Optional between weeks enrichment. 
    • At our first gathering, you can choose between chevruta/study partner, or a check-in call, or “chill”.
    • Pairings will be sent after the first meeting.
    • Keep the same Friday meeting time, or agree to a different time with your buddy.
  • In this transformational learning journey, you can anticipate enjoying:
    • hearing and sharing stories;
    • participating in text study, and
    • pursuing baby-step stretch goals in the following weeks.

If you’re new to Mussar, and up for an heart-based learning experience, you’re in for a transformative journey. For those members already participating, you know you’re in for a treat. We have the extra blessing of several members of other Abrahamic faiths that deepen our understandings. Bring your curiosity and all are welcome.

We meet by zoom on Fridays from 8:30-9:45 a.m. PST (11:30 a.m. EST). If you need to leave at 9:30, that’s OK. Checking in 10-15 minutes early is encouraged. Registered participants will receive the private zoom log-in.

Group size will be capped, so exercise your zerizut / enthusiasm and complete your registration today!


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