Mussar Mixer – Monthly drop-in for Jewish Educators

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Take a step out of your local community and join our just-for-Jewish educators monthly zoom drop-in. Allow yourself a breather to consider the thorns and roses in your week, and allow Mussar to inform you when taking a pause to respond rather than react to thorny situations.

Together, we’ll tap into an 1100 year-old Jewish spiritual tradition of exploring character traits paired with today’s life stories. Embracing compassion, in community, each of us can shift our internal responses to celebrate beauty and peace even in the midst of ticklish or utter challenge.

We hope this time together becomes a touchpoint in your month as we build connection through meaningful, heartfelt conversations and mutual support.

What happens in zoom room stays in zoom room, so relax and enjoy! This is a self-care gift to yourself, and can also have incredible ripple effects within your community.

Sessions will include a nugget of Mussar text to nurture our explorations. We’ll use break-out rooms to allow for more personalized connection between text and tribe. Brainstorming methodologies may incorporate a mix of tech tools, journaling, and paper craft. You can anticipate no pressure and lots of compassion.

If you haven’t yet joined a Mussar Muse session, please join us for one of the upcoming NewCAJE “best of” Mussar explorations.

  • Tuesday, July 20 “Mussar Chesed Journey: What is Your White Fire?” 10-11:30 a.m. PST / 1-2:30 EST
  • Thursday, July 29 “Listen, Really Listen”
    10-11:30 a.m. PST / 1-2:30 EST

Nina is also available to for scholar-in-residence and guest teaching opportunities.
Mussar Mixer session sign-up details are below.


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Monthly Mussar Mixer is a drop-in opportunity. Come relax and learn in a community of just-for-Jewish-educator Mussar Muses to share professional insights and bring out your best self. This is a great opportunity to build connection between colleagues, take self-care time, and deepen interpersonal understandings from a Mussar perspective.

We are aiming to meet once per month on zoom. Participants in NewCAJE Mussar sessions will help decide our regular meeting time.


Mussar Mixer. Stay tuned for fall dates!
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New Mussar Muses are welcome to join our by subscription Mussar Muse modules.

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