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Looking for A to Z lessons for your people? Our family workshops help save you time and effort.

ELECTRONIC E-ZINE and LESSON GUIDE: Thanks to Tried-and-True™ family programming, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Nationally recognized Jewish educators did all the work for you.

Save your time and energy with our fabulously successful workshops for parents and children. High-quality lesson plans provide the resources, handouts, an evaluation form, and a complete timeline for your workshop.

Topics include: Jewish Bedtime, family storytelling, Shabbat spirituality, When is God, kashrut (and eco-kashrut), interfaith comparisons, and a Jewish Values Auction. Whew! Save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Materials arrive electronically to your in-box. Print the lesson plans and worksheets for yourself , your staff, and participants. Let us ease your preparations for maximum success. For an added touch, we personalize each workshop with your site name. You can also choose to add a donor name, or angel donor attribution. These detailed e-zine materials help make your program the “best yet”!

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