WORKSHOP – Jewish Bedtime Happens: Because You Make it Happen!


This best-selling program walks you through A-Z programming steps for a Jewish bedtime program. This packet has two sections (20 pages) chock-full of resources including hand-outs and activities for participants plus directions for the educator.

Section aleph includes hand-outs for families. Topics include: explorations of Jewish angels, bedtime rituals, a special Shema word-play, a 2-page Jewish bedtime service, resource tips and book reviews, plus nature-oriented bedtime selections. All this is in our popular Jewish Family Times™ format. 10 pages of resources will make you look great and save you preparation time.

Section bet contains complete A-Z instructions for running a Jewish bedtime sweet-dreams program. These instructions are based on decades of running bedtime programs and educator how-to workshops. Complete directions include a set-induction, stories, pillowcase decorating tips for all ages, and program timing. Ten pages of instructions make your job easy.

Creative ways to fund this program: These materials are completely reusable, so ask your educator or rabbi to pay for the workshop. The entire program is personalized with your site’s name, making you guys look grrrreat! Do you have an enthusiastic family or willing grandparents? Ask them to be an “angel” donor and we’ll personalize the program with their name too.

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by Nina Gelman-Gans

Topic: Jewish bedtime and saying the Shema.

Target Audience: Preschool through adults.

Time Frame: 1-3 hours


  1. Have all participants learn the Shema and Jewish bedtime prayers.
  2. Encourage families to incorporate the Shema into their bedtime ritual.
  3. Explore options for making bedtime Jewish.
  4. Decorate and take home a personalized Shema pillowcase.

A-to-Z lesson plans start with preparations one month ahead of program day.