WORKSHOP – The Rabbi, the Minister, and the Priest


by Pat Lukens

The Rabbi, the Minister, and the Priest provides an exciting and interesting view of the religions in your community. We lay the groundwork so you can promote understanding and cooperation between neighboring faiths. Participants prepare interview questions and then dialogue with local clergy in a lively round robin setting. Participants are sure to leave talking and thinking about new ideas. Here are some participant reflections:

  • “I was so surprised at the liberal views of the priest. My view of Catholicism has changed.”
  • “I was surprised at how many similarities exist between Christianity and Judaism. It makes the history of anti-Semitism surprising.”
  • Now I understand why non-Jews don’t read and lift the Torah.”

Materials are delivered electronically. Print the lesson plans for yourself and your staff. Use our publicity flyer to e-mail to families. Printable worksheets ease your preparations for the day of the program, and a short evaluation form will give you valuable feedback. This workshop provides a great framework for middle school students and parents to interact with your local clergy. The A-to-Z workshop will help you put everything in place easily for a meaningful, rich day of discussion and sharing. As your off-site family educator, we make this so easy for you!

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Topic: comparative religions

Target Audience: middle school students and their parents

Time Frame: 1 hour and 45 minutes

Staff: rabbi, minister, priest, family educator and 3 teachers

Overview: participants prepare interview questions and then dialogue with local clergy

Goals: To help middle school students and their families explore how they fit into the world around them, and to develop an understanding and appreciation of other religions in your community. A-to-Z directions include program planning commencing one month prior to the workshop. This includes polling students for their questions and thoughts, holding a parent focus group, inviting clergy, full program timing, sample interview questions, resource tips, a send-home flyer and reminder card, and an evaluation form.

Wow – look at all the planning time you saved! Creative ways to fund this program: These materials are completely reusable, so ask your educator or rabbi to pay for the workshop. The entire program is personalized with your site’s name, making you guys look grrrreat! Do you have an enthusiastic family or doting grandparents? Ask them to be an “angel” donor and we’ll personalize the program with their name too.