SHEMA Hebrew Tracing Stencil ($7-$3.50 each)



The Shema Hebrew tracing stencil provides ultimate flexibility in designing a sweet dreams pillowcase. Use just the word Shema, the entire prayer, or repeat images over and over. Have a blast with our most requested images: sun,  moon, and Star of David.

Order Shema Hebrew tracing stencils in multiples of 4 for discounted pricing. 

Parent assistance is recommended for toddlers. This project is suitable for all ages including teens, adults, and seniors.

Durable mylar means this Shema Hebrew tracing stencil is completely reusable. The 8.5″ x 11″ format makes storage easy. Just pop it in your  file drawer and pull it out for frequent reuse!


  • Order singles = $7 each
  • Order multiples of 4 = $5 each
  • Order multiples of 12  = $40 per dozen