Hebrew Tracing Stencils

Unique, fun, and easy. We are your destination for durable, high-quality mylar Hebrew tracing stencils. Since they’re 8.5′ x 11′, they store easily in a file drawer. Wipe them off and pull your Hebrew tracing stencils out again for future projects.

The time is ripe time for promoting sweet dreams and peace. Help your families bring ripples of contentment home and in the community. 

Choose between:

• Shema – You can choose to write God’s full name or an abbreviation. This lends itself to ultimate free-drawing creativity. Check out our photos for examples.

• Modeh/Modah Ani – Flip your pillowcase over and create a beautiful reminder to wake up with a prayer. Don’t you feel better already?

• Seek Peace and Pursue It – Peace doves and bakesh shalom will help your artists infuse peace into paper and fabric artwork. Look at our photos for samples of peace leaves and peace flags. The possibilities with this Hebrew tracing stencil are endless!

Purchase these Hebrew tracing stencils as singles, or in sets for discounted pricing.

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