Modeh Ani Mylar Tracing Stencil ($7.50-$5.50 each)


Hurray for easy Hebrew lettering! The Modeh Ani tracing stencil can be used as a stand-alone project, or double-up when exploring the Shema.

Order in multiples of 4 for discounted pricing. (see below)

Artists have ultimate control and choices in their design.

  • Move the words wherever you want on your pillowcase.
  • Male and female artists can personalize their design to read modeh or modah. 
  • Use just Modeh Ani, letters only, or letters and vowels.
  • Use the sun to create a personalized sunrise.
  • We included Stars of David because everyone benefits from stars in their life!

Parent assistance recommended for toddlers. This project is suitable for all ages including teens, adults, and seniors.

This durable mylar stencil is completely reusable. The 8.5″ x 11″ format makes storage easy. Just pop it in your  file drawer!


  • Order singles = $7.50 each
  • Order multiples of 4 = $6.50 each
  • Order multiples of 12  = $5.50 each


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