Nina Gelman-Gans is a multi-tasking momma. Wearing many hats, this site highlights current passions.

  • As a Jewish Family Educator, Nina sees the family as a key mentoring force for living Jewishly. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, she noticed a need for hands-on, accessible, engaging tools for Jewish families.
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  • As a life-longer learner, Nina is excited about teaching and sharing Mussar, an age-old process of noticing one’s own character traits in order refine “intentions of the heart” and to show up with tranquility and inner fortitude with day-to-day living. She offers a weekly Mussar Circle and will embark with Zoom on-line communities in the fall.
  • The kitchen is usually the heart of the home. Nina loves being creative with garden offerings, thinking up food combinations, sharing fermentation techniques, and inspiring gut-healthy eating.

Nina has attended over 10 CAJE conferences, served as educator-in-residence at CO mini-CAJE, Aleph Kallah, Limmud LA, and Limmud UK’s CAJE representative. Regionally, she is available for guest educator workshops for students and families. She trained with the Hornstein and Heller programs at Brandeis University. She lives with her husband, two teens, and big-dog presence.