Hebrew Tracing Sampler Pack

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Three stencils! One click scores you a sampler collection, one each of all three of our durable stencils designs.
(Shema, Peace, Modeh) Each design is loaded with reusable images and Hebrew lettering to fire the imagination.

Transform “What can we do” into “when can we start” opportunities.

Artists have ultimate control and choices in their design.

  • Move the Hebrew tracing stencils around on your “canvas”. Place the words wherever you want for maximum creativity.
  • Male and female artists can personalize their Modeh design to read modeh or modah. 

Parent assistance recommended for toddlers. These materials can inspire all ages including teens, adults, and seniors.

Durable mylar means your stencils are completely reusable. The 8.5″ x 11″ format makes storage easy.
Just pop it in your  file drawer and pull it out for multiple reuse.


Hebrew Tracing Stencils