Darkon Pitome Bulk Buy: Passport to the Jewish Year (3 full sets)

$18.00 $12.00

Kids love stickers, and stickers motivate positive actions. You can use this Passport to the Jewish Year to highlight mitzvot opportunities throughout the year. Each book contains:

  • a page for vital statistics including the child’s shayna punim (pretty face),
  • high holiday and Shabbat service attendance sticker pages (no need for writing!),
  • class attendance,
  • a page spread for each Jewish month,
  • mitzvot for self-improvement and tikkun olam,
  • relevant Jewish quotes, and
  • a sticker page for mensch moments. Catch them when they’re being good!
  • Disclaimer: calendar page at the back of the book needs updating. (BYOcalendar)

Each set contains 12 passports. Send passports home, as a way to motivate with a Jewish lens.

Buy two get one free! We want these to brighten next year’s journey, so we’re selling sets below cost.

Each order of “1” includes 3 packs of Darkon Pitome, for a total of 36 Darkon Pitome. (12 passports per set)
Three sets remaining – early bird gets the prize!

In a Marie Kondo moment, we found a stash of passports. Very limited quantities. This time, when they’re gone, they’re really gone!!!
Darkon Pitome is meaningful and accomplishable. It makes a perfect gift for starting the Jewish year. I love the multiple glimmers that give kavannah to daily life. It’s brilliant!

-Phyllis Binik-Thomas, Anne E. Strauss Religious School at Beth Israel Synagogue