Shema Pillowcases

Your favorite Shema pillowcases are inflation-proof and Patriotic too! They are American-manufactured and produced by a family-owned business. It’s a win-win for supporting our economy and building bedtime memories. 

Ready-to-use pre-printed Shema pillowcases make Jewish bedtime programming so easy. These are just waiting to be transformed into personalized reminders to say the Shema at bedtime. We’ve added our popular peace doves because everyone benefits from peace at bedtime.

ORDERING: You can order single cases or by the dozen.
Price breaks happen at 24, 72, and 144 pillowcases.

Spring/summer SALE! Purchase 32 or more Shema pillowcases and get four additional sleeps for FREE. You may order in multiples of 32 for bonus rewards. Once you get to the cart, enter coupon code SleepWell.  The extra quantity won’t show in the cart, but we’re on it!
Expires 6/15/22 

Our Kindergarten Shema family program was wonderful. The pillowcases and mezuzot came out beautifully! So glad we connected with you!

— Stephanie Rotsky, Social Justice Coordinator,The Rashi School

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