WORKSHOP Mechiya – Send the works!


ELECTRONIC E-ZINE and LESSON GUIDE: Thanks to Tried-and-True™ family programming, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We’ve done all the work for you to prepare fabulously successful workshops for parents and children. Each packet contains high quality lesson plans with all the timing done for you, plus resources, handouts, and an evaluation form.

Tried-and-True workshops are designed by nationally recognized Jewish educators who want to share their craft with you. Topics include: Jewish Bedtime, family storytelling, Shabbat spirituality, When is God, kashrut (and eco-kashrut), interfaith comparisons, and a Jewish Values Auction. Whew! You just saved yourself a lot of time and effort.

Materials are delivered electronically, along with a supporting cast of physical extras, depending on the workshop. Print the lesson plans for yourself and your staff. Use our publicity flyer to e-mail to families. Printable worksheets ease your preparations for the day of the program.

For an added touch, each workshop is personalized with your site name. We can also add a donor name, or angel donor attribution. These detailed e-zine materials make your program the “best yet”!

See below for a list of all seven workshops and value-added bonus items.


Make it easy on yourself. One click will bundle a harvest of teaching resources, saving you soooo much time and effort. We’ve done all the work for you, so you can focus on your other multi-tasking. In appreciation, we’ll give you 15% value-added in bonus items.


  • We’ll waive shipping and handling on the accompanying physical products.
  • Choose one bonus mylar tracing stencil. (specify in your shopping cart notes)
  • Help kids internalize solid values with the Kid’s Value Pack music CD.
  • Two printed misheberach cards for healing on-the-go. Keep one and gift one. (This handy product doesn’t have a link right now. Even so, it is a great addition to your healing tool kit.)
  • Value-added offers may not be combined with flash sales, sorry! Bonus items while supplies last.



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