Shema Pillowcase (min. 24) $6.50-$6.00


Ready-to-use pre-printed Shema pillowcases make Jewish bedtime so easy. Keep it simple with fabric markers, or have a messy blast with fabric paint and craft sponges.

Our pillowcases are currently out-of-stock. We have fabulous re-usable Hebrew tracing stencils. Sign up on our mailing list to get notification for early-bird pricing when we do our next print run. (scroll down on the page)

  • Order 72 or more = $6.25 per pillowcase
  • Order 144 or more = $6 per pillowcase

Please order in multiples of 12. 




Out of stock



We loved making the pillowcases, and found the handout really helpful, too. We added a bedtime prayer to our routine and purchased one of the Editor’s Pick books. Look how nice the pillows look on their beds! – Sara Chizick

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