Kids’ Value Pack (CD) by Caroline and Danny


This collection is a keeper.  Upbeat, singable, value-packed lyrics will help children discuss and internalize good values. This has been an amazing discussion opener in our family. At four, my daughter had most of the songs memorized. Listening to Gimme What I Want, she asked “Are those  nice words mom?” Songs provide continual child-initiated openings to talk about appropriate and hurtful words. You can even pause the CD to discuss and explain lines of text.

One day, coming home from camp, my daughter commented that one of her playmates had a funny eye. Indeed, a large mole around her friend’s eye was quite noticeable. Fortunately, we didn’t miss a beat, and talked about the lyrics from “A Good Friend”. Paraphrased, the song says… “You can’t judge a book by its cover; look for the good story inside. Snazzy lyrics emphasize goofy clothes, big feet, and buck teeth. We reviewed the words, and then had fun singing them as a family.

The CD also has a teaching guide. No wonder many school nation-wide have adopted it into their character curriculum. The lesson opportunities are endless.

Tracks include:

  1. The Good Deed Kid
  2. Come Home Blues
  3. The Gimmies
  4. Something More
  5. A Good Friend
  6. The Animal Song
  7. Person of Peace
  8. Jump Shout
  9. Manner Magic
  10. Pollution Patrol
  11. The Goat Who Made the Stars Sing
  12. Value Pack
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