Jewish Family Times™ for Hanukkah

Jewish memory making is easy with Jewish Family Times™ resource packets. Colorful, creative, engaging resource pages are filled with informative and actionable holiday sparks.

We’re “green”! Files are delivered electronically to your in-box. Your file will be personalized with your family or site name. Distribution rights limited to 2016. On-line orders must be placed prior to 12/30/16 noon PST. We will do our best to provide 24-hour in-house processing.

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Product Description

Be a hero by providing interesting, out-of-the-ordinary resources to your families. This ten-page e-zine will help parents and children gear up for Hanukkah with creative, accessible reflections, activities, and healthy recipes.

Skip the same-old activities and delight your families with beautiful easy-to-use resource sheets. This edition focuses on kindness. Special elements include:

  • Dear Nina – witty explanations for core understandings;
  • Hanukkah candle blessings in Hebrew, English, and transliteration;
  • Hanukkah songs with YouTube links for listening and learning;
  • Act it out Hanukkah story for the classroom, or a multi-family gathering;
  • Hanukkah bingo;
  • Recipe highlight – yummy cabbage kraut for nutrient-rich eating and easy digestion;
  • Editor’s picks book reviews;
  • Dreidel Rules! This one-stop hand-out makes it easy for secular school classroom presentations a breeze.

You can use the packet in entirety, or send individual pages to teachers for reinforcing classroom learning. We’ve purposely separated the Hebrew from the transliteration. Although parents need transliteration, students need to focus on the Hebrew letters.

We help you – to help your families – in enjoying the lights (and lessons) of Hanukkah.