Jewish Family Times™

We know you’re busy, so we’ve done all the work to compile great holiday and Jewish blessing resources for you. Colorful, engaging, creative materials will delight you and your families and save you time and effort. Sign up now and we’ll send you all nine editions, rotating through the calendar year from your start date.

We strive for excellence, which means that every single edition is updated every single year. You get materials that reflect Jewish living in real time.

Topics include:
JFT for Elul
JFT for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
JFT for Sukkot
JFT for Simchat Torah
NEW! JFT for Shabbat – available for purchase individually (see below)
JFT for Chanukah
JFT for Adar
JFT for Passover
JFT for Shavuot

E-zine editions will be delivered to your inbox several weeks prior to the holiday, ensuring that you get the latest and greatest developments. We do the work to make you look great.

Materials are accessible and unique for any range of observance or affiliation. We send you an electronic file, which means you choose what to print, what to e-mail, and you select just a few pages to photocopy. Each 10-page e-zine is personalized with your site name, making YOU look great!

This is the ultimate in “green” curriculum for busy educators and the modern-day family.

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